Online Bespoke Tailoring

At Monte Carlo Tailors, we understand the different needs and different expectations of our customers and in that are able to offer bespoke tailoring experiences to a wide range of international clientele.

We stand that our customers are knowledgeable, and strive to provide as much information as possible, giving our customers a unique opportunity to make an informed choice on their own.

With this online website, we are able to provide our customers with the ease and comfort of owning tailor made clothes from the comfort of their own home.

At our showroom in Bangkok, we provide quality tailor-made suits, shirts, pants, overcoats for men and women and gowns and dresses for women. These clothing can be completed and have a same day pick-up if requested.

What others say

  • Monte Carlo Tailor is delivering in many ways what I was looking for.

    The most important factor however, is that one can rely on their service and quality product. I am only wearing Monte Carlo.
    Mendes Cavin, Hotel Manager, Bangkok
  • I am very satisfied with the service on the day I went into the shop.
    Kervin Choy
  • The generosity, Antonio, an authority figure in style, provided in his webpage and vdo about me. I am moved by his big heartedness.
    Antonio's page
  • Excerpt Given by Rene Clausen, a Rotarian following the Speech I gave at the Rotary Club of Bangkapi in Bangkok on November 27th 2012
    Rene Clausen, a Rotarian
  • Acknowledgement from a Reseller in the United States. "This is awesome Raja! You are a great person with an authentic passion for what you do, I respect you and your work a great deal my friend."
    A United States Reselller

Have a copy made

Have a beautiful dress with a stain that just won't go out? Have one shirt that fits better than all the others?
Mail us your garment and we will duplicate it.

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Order a sales kit

Want to play being your own tailor? The Sales- Kit comes with a complete swatch set and much more.

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